3 Reasons I don’t have ads . . .

Have you noticed “No Ads” here?

As you are probably well aware, most websites have ads everywhere — middle of the article, lining both sides, pop-ups, . . . some make you move through several pages in order to get the text of one blog article which forces your eyes to view more ads. Their reason is obvious — they are getting paid every time an ad is viewed!

But did you ever notice that here at PACESuccess — AND in all my YouTube videos — there are NO ads?

Here’s why I don’t have ads

  • Ads are annoying to the viewer. I don’t want students distracted or hindered in getting the content they need while at my sites or watching my videos.
  • Ads can have objectionable content. I can’t really have any control over what ads are placed on my pages, articles, and videos once I turn on the feature. There may be questionable or “bad stuff” that neither you nor I would feel comfortable putting in front of our teens.
  • This whole website is a “ministry” to Christian parents and schools around the country, and the world for that matter. I use my spare time to create content to be a help and blessing.

Here’s how you can say “Thanks, Tim!”

There are expenses to maintaining a website — hosting costs, paying some helpers with technical assistance, and the occasional cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee to “keep running.” 🙂

Since I don’t have passive income from ads, I depend on sales from the few items in the store and gifts from grateful users.

Would you consider a one-time per year gift of any amount? Send me a short note as well letting me know specifically which resources have been the most help to you!

Use the PayPal form below or through FaceBook.

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