Our Goals

Support ACE Users

The Accelerated Christian Education curriculum with its individualized instructional program using PACES has been around since the early 1970’s. Many small Christian schools and homeschool families have found it to be a good match for meeting the educational needs of their students. To counterbalance some of the negative reviews out there, there is a need for a site like this to encourage and support users.

Help Students Succeed

Sometimes students who are working through the PACES encounter topics they have trouble understanding. Additional teaching may be helpful to them at those points. This site has links to videos, study guides, and tips to help students find greater success while working through their PACES.

Suggest Ideas and Resources

Parents and school staff who use the ACE curriculum may benefit from some of the articles, downloads, and other resources made available on this site. We encourage users to suggest other resources they have found helpful using the Feedback page.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Though we know that no curriculum is perfect, we are here to support users, not to “bash” the curriculum and point out problems.

  • As a community we want our articles and comments to be Christ-honoring and edifying to others.

  • We are here to support ACE curriculum, so we will not be promoting other alternatives in articles and comments. At times supplementary materials may be recommended

Who We Are

  • Some of us who contribute are former students and as such have a unique perspective to share.

  • Some of us are or were staff members (supervisors and monitors) in an ACE school. (Read: “Meet Mr. Friendson”, a main contributor)

  • Some of us are parents who have used ACE as part or all of our homeschool curriculum for various grades.

  • NONE of use are employed or paid by ACE. This site is not owned or operated by Accelerated Christian Education.

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