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ACE recently came out with a brand new Creation Science PACE course. I had an 11th grade student go through the entire course this year and then I interviewed him to get his impressions of the course. This course is technically a “college” course, so it is 10 PACEs long instead of 12, and somewhat more challenging than other high school science courses. My test-pilot student, Jeremiah, enjoys science and did not find the course to be hard. I think an older senior high school student who is of average or above average ability should do just fine with it. It is also a good “world view innoculation shot” for a student who may be heading to a secular university after high school.

UPDATE: ACE has decided to ONLY allow students enrolled in their college to order and complete these PACES, so sadly you can not order them from ACE anymore.

Interview with Jeremiah

Question: What are some of the topics you remember studying in the Creation Science course?

Jeremiah: The PACEs covered the fossil record, exposed the fraud behind supposed “evidences” of evolution, laid out the genealogies of the Bible to pinpoint the timing of creation and the flood, and explained the reasons for a young earth model. I also learned about various ways men try to combine creation with evolution, like Theistic Evolution, which I had never really heard of before.

Question: How was this course different from other PACE courses you’ve done?

Jeremiah: The main difference was that there were resource books to read. So the directions would give an assignment of reading several pages in one of the books (or the Bible), and then there would be questions in the PACE to answer from those pages. Because of the reading, it took longer to complete goals in those PACES.

Question: With this being the “first edition” of this course, did you find any errors or problems that other students should know about?

Jeremiah: Not really. The scorekey was pretty accurate. The Check-ups were an “easy” review of the preceding pages. The Self Test was probably the hardest to study for, but then in comparison the PACE tests were easy! The only real problem was that the one book referenced several times by John R. Rice was out of print and too expensive to purchase, so those answers I had to guess and then use the score key to tweak my answers. Some of the books had topics that were hard to understand, but the tests didn’t include those hard topics.

Question: Do you have final “tips” for students going through this course?

Jeremiah: Be sure you study the check-ups and not just the Self Test to be prepared for the PACE test. If you do the reading and all the required work, you will do just fine. Oh yeah, one more thing – find a way to memorize and keep straight all the fossil names that the course covers; that will really help you.

To Order this high school science course or elective:

The course from ACE includes the ten PACES that you can order direct from ACE.
However, the reference books are not available from ACE. You can use the links below to order them:

The following three books are essential for completing the course

The Case for Creation (only available from ACE)

Scientific Creationism

Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No!

The following two books are used a *little bit* in the course, but you could complete the course without them. 

Genesis: In the Beginning (by John R. Rice)  (this book is out of print and you may have to search for it used online)

The Genesis Flood 50th Anniversary Edition

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  1. FYI, A.C.E. is again selling the Origins and Science course on its webstore:

    “UPDATE: ACE has decided to ONLY allow students enrolled in their college to order and complete these PACES, so sadly you can not order them from ACE anymore.”

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