Test Tips for the 12th grade Civics/Economics course can be downloaded here.


Fun Tid-bit – These were some of the earliest videos I ever recorded for this project that became PACESuccess! Back then I thought I would use the tag-line, “Coffee chat without the coffee breath!”  Do I look a little younger here? 🙂 

Civics 1136

This PACE has a project related to elections — evaluating the positions of candidates or parties on particular key issues. When the PACE was written, there were much different issues that were viewed as important to voters compared to today. So I made up a newer edition of the project for this PACE and it can be downloaded here. https://pacesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/Project-for-Civics-1136.pdf

Economics 1141

In PACE 1141 there is an economics concept called “technical efficiency” that often causes students difficulty. This video tries to clarify the problems related to this.

Economics 1143

PACE 1143 includes an illustration about the Enterprising Young Economist that usually requires some further explanation. Here’s a short lesson I’ve prepared to help with that concept.