ACE English Courses


English Handbook

We have compiled our own English Handbook that we hand out to our high school students which has all the definitions, diagram examples, and summaries of important grammar concepts. Students find it helpful to have this resource to use while working through their PACES.  Print out the test tips further down on this page for English I, II, III, and IV.

Videos specific to each level of English

We have video lessons to help with over a dozen challenging assignments or concepts in the high school PACES. These are spots where I know from experience I usually have to sit down with a student and explain in more detail. Each page linked here has specific videos for that level:

Resources to Download

Here are some resources required for various High School English PACES:

Some of the junior high and high school Word Building and English PACES require dictionary work. I personally allow students to use for most of the work, though I do like for them to be familiar with how to use the hard-bound book. I found that the specific definitions that the PACES in English 1133-1144 (12 grade) are looking for are found best in the blue Scott Foresman Advanced Dictionary  (Thondike/Barnhart). I picked up a few on USED for very little

Test Tips for English