There are concepts in English grammar that come up throughout the junior high and high school level PACES. Here are some video lessons to help with the most common problem concepts.

Transitive Intransitive Verbs

Active vs. Passive Voice Verbs

Noun Functions

Some functions of nouns are easy, like subject and object of preposition. But what about indirect object? Objective Complement? Predicate Nominative? Appositive? This video explains each of the noun uses

Types of Pronouns

Pronouns can be relative, reflexive, demonstrative, personal, possessive, etc. This lesson explains how to keep them straight


Prepositions are the KEY to unlocking ACE’s approach to grammar — find all the prepositional phrases and mark them off with parenthesis as they will NOT be part of the main sentence structure nor diagram.

Unscrambling and Organizing an outline

There are some “unscramble these outlines” assignments in English 1084 and 1096 that sometimes are confusing. This video has a quick tip for making it easier to do