Some of the assignments covered in this level of English PACES need some explanation. You will do some literature analysis in this course and more essay writing. Click the link below to download test tips for this course.

Pace 1110

English PACE 1110 is a challenging one — writing rules for commas, capitalization, etc by memory. We tend to not do well with lists longer than 5-7 items, and these lists are longer than that! Here ares some tips that may be helpful:

  1. Do a “brain dump” of the rules in that category that you have known since elementary school! You don’t have to work at memorizing these 🙂 
  2. Take the remaining few rules that you need to work on and take the first letter of a key word and make up an acrostic sentence that is funny and easy to remember. The first letters will help you come up with the key word and the key word will help you recall the rule. Or turn the key words into a picutre.
  3. Do not worry about the order — your supervisor can invest a little effort to determine if you have them all
  4. Do  not stress out about exact wording — your supervisor will help you determine if your wording is acceptable, but as long as you have the right concept you’re good
  5. No, you may not take one rule and split it into two or more rules!

Pace 1112

This PACE covers verb tenses and has students write out lists on separate paper with verb analysis. This is much easier if a student has a template worksheet to fill in. Linked below are downloadable files:

Pace 1114

There’s an assignment on page 11 that can be confusing without a verbal explanation. Here are some tips to help you do it correctly and easily!

Pace 1115 - introduction to the PACE

Throughout this PACE you will be reading “The Hiding Place” – a great book by Corrie ten Boom about her life in a Nazi Prison Camp. There are a few questions that students typically ask at the beginning of the PACE so I address them in this short video. This PACE also covers Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives and how to diagram them. I created some videos on those topics on this separate page – watch the Part 7 videos in particular

Page 1115 - tip for p. 28 assignment

Page 1116

There are several writing assignments in this PACE. This video will give you a “heads up” about what to expect, and how each assignment is different. Watch at the beginning of the PACE so you can better plan your goals.

Page 1117 - overview

In this PACE you will be writing “chapters” of your own auto-biography. In this video I give you an overview of the writing assignments. Be sure to watch it before you start so that you can set your goals accordingly.

Page 1118

This PACE has sentence diagramming. I created a separate page with 9 videos that teach (review) all the sentence patterns and how to diagram them. If you use the link below, you can download some worksheets that will make the diagramming easier.

Page 1119

This PACE covers researching a topic so that you can write a better essay. This video lesson gives you some important updates and tips before you start the PACE.

  • NEW! An updated supplement to PACE 1119 about writing a research paper is available for sale in our store it covers how to use the internet as a resource and how to document sources found on the web. The supplement also removes references to old sources like a Card Catalog and Reader’s Guide to Periodic Literature.

Page 1120

This PACE covers newspaper articles and other types of writing. Watch this video to get a heads up BEFORE you start setting goals.  ALSO, read this article I posted about an alternative way to get needed articles.