In addition to a review of grammar, punctuation, proper usage, and diagramming, this course will cover stories and novels. You will read “In His Steps” – a Christian Classic. You will do more writing assignments including a major research paper in the last two PACES. Watch these videos for some tips to help. Click the link below to get Test Tips you can print out.

PACE 1122

This PACE covers verb tenses and has students write out lists on separate paper with verb analysis. This is much easier if a student has a template worksheet to fill in. Linked below are downloadable files:

Pace 1124

You will need a list of the 60 Character Qualities to do an assignment in this PACE. You can download that list here

This video has tips for the poetry assignments in this PACE.

Page 1126

This lesson will help you understand what is expected in the essay writing assignment in this PACE.

Pace 1127

This video lesson explains more about the essay writing assignment in this PACE.

Pace 1128 - about "Local Color" on page 19

PACES 1129-1130

You will need to manage your time and goals for these two PACES as you will be reading and analyzing “In His Steps” and writing your own novel. This video gives you a heads up about what to expect.

PACES 1131-1132

This course ends with writing a major term paper and prepares you for college writing. This video will give you an overview of the steps involved. Watch before you start so that you can better set your goals.

Here is a “Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper” that you can download to help you.