Algebra 2 has not been rewritten in the newer 4th edition format yet. Students may benefit from watching the video instruction lessons for each of the PACES below. If your student hits a tough concept or especially difficult problem, would you please use the Contact form in the menu and let me know? I need feedback to know what lessons would be beneficial.

Video answer to question: “Why do you use actual problems from the PACES for your lessons?” – Click here for my video response

  • 1121 Six videos to help new Algebra 2 students get started
  • 1122 Eight teaching videos
  • 1123 Over a dozen videos to help
  • 1124 Twelve videos with lessons for various pages
  • 1125 Twelve videos to guide students through the concepts
  • 1126 Seven videos about quadratic equations
  • 1127 Twelve videos about radicals
  • 1128 Nine videos about quadratic equations
  • 1129 Videos about circles, parabolas, ellipses, hyperbolas
  • 1130 Videos about logarithms
  • 1131 Videos about probability, combinations, binomial theorem
  • 1132 Nine video lessons about matrices