Why do I have to learn this? What good will Geometry do me? I’ll answer this question and give you some advice that will help you be more successful as you work through Geometry this year. (I recommend that parents watch this video, too)

Geometry 1109 p. 22 - Properties

There are several properties that are used in Geometry proofs, like the Addition Property, Subtraction, etc. But in this video we especially explain the subtle difference between Transitive and Substitution Properties.

Geometry 1109 Terms

There are some terms and symbols used Geometry that are similar but actually very different. In this video we try to clarify some of those for you

Geometry 1109 - Test Preparation

Mr. Chris Walters, a math teacher at an ACE school, made these videos recently for his students. You will find them to be helpful! He gave me permission to share this link with you: