The videos below are lessons to help with various “challenging” proofs in PACE 1110, the 2nd in the ACE Geometry course. I try to clarify important concepts, pronounce terminology, explain why certain steps must be included, and help students “see” the solution to some of the puzzling problems. I trust these videos will be helpful. If there are other trouble spots in this PACE, feel free to use the “contact” link above to let me know.
NOTE: I made all these videos using a program and wireless mic on my notebook computer and used the built-in webcam — sorry the video quality isn’t the greatest, but I think you can still see and hear what you need to get help

Mr. Chris Walters, a math teacher at an ACE School, is making videos for this course and uploading them to his channel. You may find them to be helpful and he gave permission for me to share this link with you.

Geometry 1110 - AAS

Geometry 1110 p. 21

Geometry 1110 p. 22

Geometry 1110 p. 26

Geometry 1110 p. 28

Geometry 1110 p. 30

Geometry 1110 p. 34

Geometry 1110 p. 41