Ratios are a “fun” way to solve proportion problems, but it may be good to have a review lesson before doing that in the PACE. Page 26 is “the most difficult part” of the PACE and causes the most failures on the test. NOTE to supervisor: on page 21, question 3 students may come up with a solution using Theorem 87 Corollary 1 as proof, which is different than the scorekey solution, but is equally correct.

Geometry 1116 p. 7-8

Geometry 1116 p. 15

Geometry 1116 p. 24

Geometry 1116 p. 26-27

Geometry 1116 p. 32-33

In March 2020 I discovered another teacher who is making teaching videos for Geometry for his own students. This was due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that closed down schools. Check out Dominic Pennachietti’s YouTube channel for lessons for PACES 1117-1120