Pages 28-31

This video explains how to use ratios to solve for Unit Prices. We will do a few problems from the PACE to help and then review before the check-up. Refer to pages 28-31 of Math 1078 for this lesson

Pages 35-40

This lesson covers pages 35-40 of math PACE 1078. We will explain how to use the Rate-Distance equation, but also how to use the “Magic Triangle” to make solving even easier!

Pages 41-46

Update – correction. It was pointed out to me that my “set-up” of a problem at the end of the video (0.343 km per second converted to mph and ft/sec) was not set up correctly. In looking at the scorekey solution, I have to agree — the KEY is correct, not what I have on the board for that problem. Sorry for the confusion!