There are a few rough spots in the Physical Science PACES that need some extra teaching  — at least I find that many students benefit from the extra instruction. After helping students one by one and answering the same questions over and over, I created several videos to explain the hard stuff. I also found some helpful videos on YouTube that give more help with the content of the various PACES.  (Some of the very first videos I created and posted were for this course — so I look a bit younger!)

ACE has videos for their Labs which can be accessed via their ACEConnect website. Click this link, and then click on the Link on that page. You can enlarge the videos to fill the screen, and the gear icon will show you a list of the labs. 

They also have videos of the PACEs being read professionally – ACE Connect Physical Science Videos.

This course is being rewritten, I understand, and when the new edition comes out these videos may not match up and be as helpful. But in the meantime, and until the old edition PACES are no longer being used, I will leave these videos here. 

Test tips  are available for this course. Print out this page and use it for reference before taking tests. 

Here are some video lessons to help with the Physical Science PACEs

NOTE to parents – if you’ll send me a PM via the contact form above or FaceBook messenger, I will give you tip for helping your student through the last PACE, 1120!

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