Did you get these year-end tips?

The end of the school year can be hard for teens – they are losing motivation, the nicer weather outside is calling them, and the school work is getting harder with each PACE in their subjects. I have come up with some resources to help students that are especially applicable to the last few PACES in certain subjects. Encourage your teen to check these out if they are in these PACES:

  1. English 1106, 1107, and 1118 have sentence diagrams to do “on separate paper” — no one likes to do those! But it makes it easier if the sentence is right there, and the lines to do the diagram on are provided. So I made up templates as PDF pages that you can print out to make it easier to to those pages. Visit this page for the link for 1106 and 1107, and this page for 1118.
  2. English 1119 is about writing and the PACE focuses on out-date resources like encyclopedias, Reader’s Guide to Periodic Literature, etc and doesn’t explain anything about using online sources. We have written a supplement that replaces the last half or more of the PACE which you can download from our store.
  3. English PACE 1120 explains the various types of Newspaper Articles. Students are expected to look through their local paper and find current articles to illustrate the various types and cut them out, answer questions about them, and then staple them to the PACE  But newspapers are almost like dinosaurs these days — hard to find, and expensive to buy! I have suggestions to help meet these requirements.
  4. Students in English 1120, 1131, and 1143 have to write a longer researched composition. I have written up a guide that spells out clearly what is expected. I also have a grading rubric that is helpful.
  5. Biology 1107 is about human reproduction. I like to give parents a “heads up” when their teen gets to this PACE in case they want to have “the talk” :-). ALSO, the PACE covers genetics and I found a great resource about human traits with dominant and recessive genes which you can download from the bottom of this page.
  6. Physical Science 1120 is the last PACE in the course. I have a tip that I will send you as a parent/supervisor directly if you ask me. It’s a life-saver, especially for teens who struggled through the course thus far!
  7. Do you have a student slugging through Economics? I have video lessons for two tough concepts. Bonus — they are the first videos I made, so Mr. Anger looks a little younger and thinner.

As you start planning the courses your teen will do next year, be sure to look at each course listed in the menu above for possible videos and resources to help.

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