This high school elective covers music theory like timing, key signatures, intervals, chords, types of instruments, and scales. It also includes song-leading, singing techniques, and ends with some classical music appreciation lessons. Well written and thorough, it will be challenging for students with little musical background. (6 PACES – 1/2 credit) [Order through ACE or Curriculum Express]


This elective covers public speaking, presentation of memorized famous speeches, writing speeches, and tips for dealing with stage fright. Students must be accountable for several projects in each PACE including speeches in front of live audiences. (6 PACES – 1/2 credit)


ACE offers a couple of older edition art electives, but I have no personal knowledge of how well they work. 

A homeschool family recommended Youth Digital Arts Cyber School for a variety of courses about digital drawing, animation, and video game design.