Free Score Key Download for PACES

Every month when I check my statistics for this website, I find that the MOST SEARCHED FOR search term is “free score key download” 

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but you will not find any scorekeys on this website! I am a teacher and am very concerned that students not get access to keys and begin copying answers and thereby short-circuit their learning. 

Also, ACE strictly forbids posting, copying, or transmitting PACEs, tests, or score keys as those are all copyrighted materials. 

If you need scorekeys . . . .

  1. Visit and follow the link to their store to buy any keys you need
  2. Sometimes an area ACE school may have some used keys that they are not longer actively using with students that they may be willing to loan to a needy homeschool family. Do your own homework on that one. 
If you need help understanding concepts in the high school PACES, there is a very good chance that we have a video lesson on our website that will help you! Click on “Subjects” on the menu above and browse to the subject and level you need. 
I have created “test-tips”  for a few of the older courses that have difficult tests with what students might consider “trick questions.” I don’t give the answers — just a heads-up about things to be sure to study before taking the test. 

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