Guiding your Homeschool Teen to Graduation

Are you homeschooling a teen?

Maybe some of these questions have been on YOUR mind . . .

  • What are credits?
  • What courses and electives does my teen need to graduate?
  • How many credits does she need?
  • What should I do with the “hard courses” my teen will have to take in high school?
  • How will we get an accredited diploma?
  • What is a transcript?
  • What tests will my teen need for college?
  • What are AP courses, Dual-Enrollment, CLEP, and Honors classes?
  • Can I really homeschool my teen all the way through, or do we need to enroll him somewhere?
  • Will a homeschool diploma be accepted by colleges?
  • What if I can’t afford an accredited diploma? Will my teen have to take a GED test?
  • Help! I’m not sure I’m ready for this!

As a parent of a teen who is heading in to high school, you might feel a little fearful or intimidated. You might be afraid you’ll make a mistake, or leave out an important step, and your teen won’t be able to get into college and succeed in life. Relax!  I have just the solution for you!

I have created a short online course!

This course is two full hours of video instruction that answers all of these questions and clarifies the options you have. You can easily watch all the short lessons on a smart phone or tablet while doing meal prep, laundry, or other tasks.

Ask Mr. Friendson @

Why did I create this course? Well, I have worked with literally hundreds of homeschool families here in Pennsylvania and often sit down with parents as their teen is transitioning from elementary or junior high into high school. I know the questions I get asked over and over, and I know the answers I give as well.  I am also a Christian school principal and so I have similar conversations with the parents of my own students. I have also guided four of my own children through high school and college now and into adulthood.  I have been down this road I am trying to help you navigate.

The course is hosted at and is listed at $44.99, which is very reasonable for all the content you will receive. However, if you use this coupon from my website, you can get the course for $19, that’s more than 50% off! That’s about what you would pay if we were to get together for lunch and discuss all these topics!

PLUS, you have life-time access to the course and all the downloads included with the class.

AND, if you do not feel the course helped you at all, you have 30 days to get your money back from Udemy. So there’s nothing to lose!

One note for ACE users. the course is not specific to ACE though I reference the curriculum often. The Udemy platform is much broader and the content I cover will help any homeschool family heading into the high school years. I do discuss some other curriculum options for math and science as alternative to PACES.


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  1. Thank you so much for this. After watching the YouTube intro video, I immediately signed up for Udemy and purchased the course. I’ll be guiding our 2nd child through high school in one year.

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