Newspaper assignments for English 1120

English PACE 11120 explains the various types of Newspaper Articles. Students are expected to look through their local paper and find current articles to illustrate the various types and cut them out, answer questions about them, and then staple them to the PACE  But newspapers are almost like dinosaurs these days — hard to find, and expensive to buy!

Here are my suggestions:

  1. In a school setting, ask around if any staff members or parents in your school subscribe to a daily paper. Ask them to save a one-week supply close to the time that a student is ready to go through English 1120.
  2. I really like World Magazine and subscribe to their weekly print publication which includes all the types of articles referred to in the PACE. It covers U.S. and World news from a Christian perspective. They often cover world view issues, and updates about abortion and right-to-life issues.You can visit their website:  and print out articles for the assignments
  3. Some newspapers have a limited number of articles available to read online for free.  But let me WARN you — many of the ads and “click-bait” links on the main online news sources (including Fox) are dangerous temptations for teens. I would rather steer your teens to World Magazine above.
  4. Don’t just “skip” the assignments (they make up half the PACE). I think having students read current events articles and note the structure and style of writing is an important life skill worth developing.

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  1. I especially like the bit of “just don’t skip the assignment.” Very enlightening and encouraging.

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