Creation Science

This course can function as a science course for one year or as an elective. It covers a Biblical view of the fossil record, dinosaurs, geology, and age of the earth, presenting and interpreting scientific evidence. Read this review for more information about what to expect with this course. Well written and thorough, it is a strong course for an older teen. It is technically a college course offered through ACE. (10 PACES – 1 credit)


This high school elective covers first aid, mental health issues, drug abuse, and various diseases. Well written and not difficult. (6 PACES – 1/2 credit)  [available from ACE or Curriculum Express]


This high school elective covers balanced diet, vitamins, fat, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and weight control. It includes recipes and projects. (6 PACES – 1/2 credit) [NOTE: Not available through ACE – order from or Curriculum Express.]

Apologia publishes hardback science textbooks for homeschoolers from a Christian and creation perspective. Well-written for teens, easy to use, comes with tests and full solution manuals. In addition to Chemistry, Physics, Biology, they have Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics, Human Anatomy, Marine Biology, Astronomy.