Students don’t do what you expect

“I just discovered that my child has not been scoring carefully, is leaving blanks unanswered, and is failing check-ups! What happened? Maybe this curriculum is not working for him.”

No, it’s not the curriculum. The answer may surprise you, but it is easily fixed, so keep reading.

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This time of year, the average child — especially teens, and especially teen boys — just want to do what’s required and be done. The newness of the school year is over, and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight! As parents and teachers, we can also get in lazy habits by this time of the year.

Have you ever heard the wise saying, “Students do not do what you EXPECT — only what you INSPECT!”

There’s a LOT of truth to that! If we as the supervisors are not diligent in checking our students’ work and their progress, they will soon catch on and assume that it must not be that important, and things will drop off.

  1. Scoring will be sporadic (and in some cases stop)
  2. Correcting wrong answers will stop (or they will just copy them from the score key)
  3. Writing assignments, Wisdom Pacs, science labs, memory work, and other “Supervisor Score” assignments will be skipped
  4. Scripture Memory verses will be ignored
  5. Handwriting will get sloppy
  6. Blank answers will be left and never filled in
  7. Failing scores on check-ups and tests will be ignored

You might say, “That never happens!” Sadly, too often it does! And the problem is NOT that the student is lazy, rebellious, not understanding, etc — Almost always it comes back to a lack of close supervision on the part of the Supervisor. Ouch!

Remember that wise saying? Students do not do what you EXPECT – only what you INSPECT!

Solution? Do a week of “Boot Camp” as I call it, where you review all the rules of scoring, supervisor scoring assignments, setting proper goals, studying for tests before beginning them, etc. Go back as far as is practical and catch up on problems, and then renew your own commitment to consistently check up on each child.

“But I trust my child,” you might protest. “I don’t need to check up on him!” You are foolish, in my opinion, if that is your attitude. They are human and prone to a sin nature and lazy streak — just like you and I.

ACE is an easy program, for the most part, to administer with a lot less parental involvement required than most alternatives. But don’t let that lull you into a false sense of being able to just put your students on auto-pilot. YOU are still the TEACHER, responsible for making sure they are LEARNING.

Remember, “Students do not do what you EXPECT — only what you INSPECT!”


OK, off my soap box! I need to initiate a week of “Boot Camp” for MY students now!


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  1. Great information and advice.Thank you!

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