This PACE 1076 begins with the Order of Operations (how to know when to add first, or multiply, or do exponents, etc). We go over a few of the toughest problems from the homework

Order of Operations

Page 14-16 - Algebraic Expressions

Pages 14-16 cover solving Algebraic Expressions. We have to figure out how to turn words into math symbols with a variable. Later we’ll learn how to solve them, too. We cover some of the hardest of the homework problems.

More help for Page 14

In this lesson I answer some questions posed by students, such as “Does it matter if the letter comes before the number?” and “Which variable comes first for division and subtraction word problems?”

Page 24 - Solving Equations

Page 30 - Creating and Solving Equations

Page 41 - Inequalities

Page 45-46 - Functions

This final section is more like a PUZZLE or GAME than a math concept to be mastered! But it does involve some math and we’ll give you some tips for figuring out the problems on your homework for pages 45-46 in Math 1076