Level 8 Math (1085-1096)

This course covers many topics that YOU as an adult (parent or supervisor) probably did not learn when you were in school. The math standards of today and the achievement tests that students are taking expect that students be exposed to more statistics, geometry, algebra, and personal finance topics than the computation focus of years gone by. Hopefully some of these lessons will help you help your teen see success with these concepts! 

Note to parents: Your teen should expect to spend 30-45 minutes a day doing math (sometimes 60 minutes). Each PACE is 50+ pages long, so daily goals need to be 4 pages per day average. If your child is struggling with the math and having a hard time getting it done in a reasonable time, consider allowing him to use a calculator for the most time-consuming problems (up to half of the problems on any given page). You need to be sure he knows the concept and how to do it long-hand first and not become dependent on a calculator. It is also a good idea to use 3X5 cards to create “cue cards” for different types of problems and include the steps needed and  a clear example to follow on each card. If your teen struggles with math, you might allow her to refer to these cards while doing her PACE (possibly even check-ups and tests).

Supervisors Solution Keys were created by Christian Education of Europe, with permission of ACE. These keys contain ONLY the hard problems that need more than “just an answer”. They help your student understand the “steps” they missed. You still need a “score key” as these solution manuals would be in addition to that. Be aware these “solution keys” are not set up like score keys, they sometimes only have 2 paces per booklet…so watch your numbers.  They can be ordered through Curriculum Express.  UPDATE: The latest edition scorekeys from ACE now include solution guides for every problem.