Bible Courses from ACE for Teens

Read this article I wrote with a suggested sequence for Bible for grades 7-12. 

The high school Bible curriculum has been rewritten as 4th edition and is very well done. These can be ordered directly from ACE or from Curriculum Express. 

  • New Testament Survey (1097-1108)
  • Old Testament Survey (1109-1120)
  •  Life of Christ (1133-1144)

ABC’s of Christian Growth

This Bible study could easily be a full-year high school course. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a lesson about a topic like Bible, Church, Jesus, Salvation, Holy Spirit, etc. Each lesson is several pages long and has the student looking up Bible verses to fill in blanks. There are no tests or quizzes. Bound in one book. (Written by a Baptist pastor, so a few doctrinal topics are presented from a Baptist interpretation.)  (order from our Store link above)

Successful Living

This is a practical down-to-earth Bible course that covers such topics as work ethic, finances, morality, happiness, commitment, temptation, education, wisdom, marriage, decision making, conflict management and building strong relationships. Many Bible stories are also used to illustrate the truths of Proverbs. Students enjoy this course and gain much working through it.

Course consists of 12 booklets, just like PACES, with a final test in the middle that needs to be removed.

Order through or Curriculum Express