The following videos are short lessons or explanations to help with specific assignments in this level I of the English PACES. I’ve chosen these because I know from experience that students need some extra help or understanding to do these. We have compiled our own English Handbook that we hand out to our high school students which has all the definitions, diagram examples, and summaries of important grammar concepts. Students find it helpful to have this resource to use while working through their English PACES. (Click on the link to download it.)   We also have a page of Test Tips for English I that you can download and use throughout this course.

Wisdom Pacs – starting at this level you will have an insert in each English PACE that will cover Bible principles that relate to the everyday lives of teens. Topics will include friendships, accepting yourself the way God made you, responding to authority, and seeking God’s will for your future. Don’t skip these. The PACE tests will have several points based on the content of the Wisdom Pack. The cartoons and stories at times may seem a little corny or funny, but many of the Bible truths will be very helpful to your spiritual growth. Read more about the Wisdom Pacs here!

ACE English 1098

There are eight noun functions reviewed on pages 11-12 of this PACE. When they were covered at earlier levels it was in smaller chunks. Now you are expected to remember it all and apply it! This lesson reviews them and gives some tips for remembering which is which.

ACE English 1101

This lesson gives more explanation and tips for remembering the kinds of pronouns covered on pages 30-32 of this PACE.

ACE English 1102

There’s a tricky assignment on page 16. If you’ll watch this short video explanation BEFORE you do the assignment it won’t be so hard and you won’t end up redoing it.

ACE English 1105

The PACE includes a section about marking poetry with accents and figuring out the meter and pattern for poems. Many students benefit from hearing a short explanation of the accents.

ACE English 1106 & 1107

These two PACES deal extensively with diagramming sentences. I also created a separate set of videos about the sentence patterns and how to diagram them.

In some of the high school level English PACES, students have to diagram sentences on separate paper by looking back to sentences on previous pages. It gets confusing for some students and their work pages are often crammed and hard to read. I have created these printable pages that place the sentences on the page where the diagramming will be done.

English 1106 Supplemental Pages for Diagramming
English 1107 Supplemental Pages for Diagramming

English 1107

This is a tip for completing pages 12-13 if you don’t have the books the PACE asks you to use.