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When we opened our Learning Center back in 1997 we looked at several designs and found one that we really liked at a school in New Jersey. We took pictures and measurements and came back and constructed several units. We are still using them 20 years later!

Advantages over other designs:
  1. We don’t have to pull out dividers and store them some where — they fold in.  Most office unit designs require that the dividers be separate pieces of wood that are pulled out and later pushed back into slots.
  2. When closed up, the units only extend about 12 inches from the wall. We turn our Learning Center into an adult discussion Sunday School room with multiple round tables every weekend. The office units are so compact that many do not even notice them. (see the photo above)
  3. We chose to use furniture grade quality plywood for the visible parts and applied several coats of varnish. They look attractive and need very little maintenance.
  4. We use the top of the unit as a shelf for seasonal decorations, green plants, tissue boxes, etc. If the room gets used for a shower, the ladies often decorate the ledge with photo frames and other cute memorabilia.
  5. We can easily place a unit on an 8 foot table, and if the table legs are adjustable we can even lower the unit for younger students. We can lift the office unit off the table (two teen boys can move it) and place it on dollies with wheels and roll it out of the way if needed.
  6. The particular design we chose uses only two sheets of plywood very efficiently.
  7. Creating 3 student offices in each unit makes each student’s space rather spacious and the dividers extend far enough to prevent distractions from neighbors.

Let me know if you construct one of these and send me a picture of the finished design! Send an email to < tim @ pacesuccess dot net >

CLICK HERE to download a free copy of the design plans with photos and measurements.

4 Comments to “Plans for Office Unit”

  1. What a great design! I think those could be used in a variety of settings, not just for school. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I REALLY like the units and especially the adjustable tables. I can adapt to many different functions or activities in class or if there other activities during the weekend. Thank you for sharing the design plans and photos. I will definitely send you a photo of the finished product.

  3. Would you kindly share the design and photos of the scoring stations as well? Thank you.

    1. Well, our Learning Center has two scoring stations — one for the elementary and one for the high school. Both are very different and were built by a handi-man in our church 20 years ago. I do not have design plans for them. Sorry!

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