Do you leave “tips” for good service?

When you go out to eat, or get your hair cut, or use a service, do you like to leave tips for good service? I know that as a homeschooling family or a small Christian school, you probably like the “free resources” and love to use them and share them (at least I do!). But it does cost money and a lot of time to provide those resources and make them easily available.

This PACESuccess! website has been up for several years, and each year I have tried to add more resources — articles, downloads, and video lessons. I donate all the required time, using available evenings, Saturdays, holidays, and snow days.

If you have been helped and blessed by using this website this year, would you consider saying “Thanks!” in one of a few ways? 

1. Donate toward a new Video Camera (completed!)

We had a funding campaign to buy a new video camera and microphone and finished up early in April 2018. Thank you to everyone who participated!

2. Donate toward website expenses using PayPal

There are various fees related to hosting the website that need to be covered. Or maybe you just want to send money for me to fund my Dunkin Donuts coffee habit 🙂  Use the easy form below:

3. Buy something at Amazon

I am an “affiliate marketer” with Amazon. If you visit this page about “books for teen boys” and click on any book title, you will be taken to Amazon. Even if you decide not to buy that particular book, *anything* you buy in that session will send a 1% commission to PACESuccess. Cool, huh?

4. Purchase something in our Store

Visit the store now

5. Buy my Udemy Course about Homeschool High School

Buy my course: “Guiding Your Teen to Graduation” — this link will save you over 50%, too!

6. Send a note telling me what you use and like

As I’ve mentioned before, my “love language” is “words of affirmation.” So even if you can’t afford to send anything monetary, please send me an email letting me know what you’ve used this year and appreciated! It means a lot! Don’t hesitate to give suggestions, too 😉   You can also leave comments below.

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